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Isabella Bianchini created four years ago http://ibkoala.myblog.it a blog about entertainment where she writes reviews and gives space to artists that dream of a career in this field. At this point she realizes how interesting and envolving is creating a space for people to express their projects. 
Blogs and websites are the easiest way to connect with people, customers, readers, to sell products and to become well-known on the web.

She’s a websites and blogs designer. She sets up blogs and websites for companies, artists and business groups. Among the blogs http://markwshields.wordpress.  created for the Life Practice Uk.
 She’s worked for the Horscroft Company Australia e LPUK, as article marketer. She’s done the advertising campaign for the Tv Show “Cosa succede in città” on air on channel Gimmy on Sky and organized events for clubs and art galleries in Milan. She’s done  artists cds and books releases promotion. 

Her priority is to meet customers needs, and work with creativity.